Cinta Bete

When Bete Kaebauk, who lives in Atambua, NTT, started getting her period, she was “introduced” by her own father, Fritz Manek, that she was ready for a marriage proposal. Emilio was the first man Bete fell in love with. They both like it. But Emilio wanted to be a priest. Alfredo's presence for a moment made him happy. Despite having different social classes and Alfredo being unable to pay the dowry for his marriage, Bete decides to elope with Alfredo. Bete's life is not as beautiful as he imagined. He gets violent treatment from Alfredo. Bete forced to return home pregnant. On the way, the baby died in her womb. He rages like a madman and keeps him locked up in his house. Emilio who has become a brother returns to his village and tries to treat Bete as one of his congregation. He put Bete in the rectory, and took care of her. Alfredo did not accept it and together with several residents went to the rectory.