The Generation of Evil

Nobody pays attention to hanged nameless victim on a gloomy morning in a provincial Lithuanian town. Local police chief Gintas is more eager to host the 55th anniversary celebration and announce candidacy in upcoming elections. His loyal longtime friend mayor Rasa fiercely fights for re-election. Influential supreme court judge Julius still balances confidant support for both. Their old sidekick district attorney Laimonas found a fateful rouble and won’t show up for the party. Impeccable investigator Simonas arrives from Vilnius to examine a gruesome suicide and gain a promotion to a higher rank. Determined to catch the ruthless killer, an ambitious detective suspects a cold-blooded murder.

Genre: Drama, Crime


Director: Emilis Vėlyvis

Duration: n/a

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: n/a100