Echoes of the Past

Drama, inspired in part by a true event, the infamous massacre of the town of Kalavryta by Nazi troops on December 13th, 1943. The story is being told through a series of flashbacks as Nikolaos Andreou, an acclaimed writer dying of cancer, poignantly narrates his personal experience as a young child to Caroline Martin, a top-notch lawyer representing Germany's Federal government on the recently filled Greek WWII reparations claims. The two characters each harboring its own prejudices, beliefs, and life's traumas are brought together by a divisive past that was meant to keep them apart. Their fateful meeting in the town of Kalavryta, a place still marked by the tragedy of old, will open the path to an arduous journey through a dark chapter in human history and have a profound effect on both as they struggle, together as well as each in its own way, to understand and come to terms with history's enduring lessons and deep scars.

Duration: n/a

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: 7.11019