Moosehide Slide

Moosehide Slide (« Ëdhä dädhëchä » in the Hän language) is a well-known feature of the Dawson City area in Yukon. Tourist websites explain how the crater, which takes up a large part of the mountain, was caused by a prehistoric landslide. But, concealed by the gaping hole, another, lesser-known story exists: that of the huge scar on First Nations territory, which filmmaker Dan Sokolowski brings to light. Using techniques of painting on film and superimposed images, he juxtaposes two parallel accounts of how the feature was formed. This experimental short film highlights the impossibility of reconciliation without first recognizing the ancestral stories of Indigenous peoples.

Genre: Documentary


Director: Dan Sokolowski

Duration: 4 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: n/a100